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Drum Centre are able to offer a full percussion repair and restore service. 

Anything from replacing the heads on a drum kit to repairing the lugs on a marching bass drum. 

Our experienced technicians can be on hand to assist you. 

We have helped and cared for a wide range of customers. Everything from corps of drums, school bands, association bands, concert bands and even military groups. 

We are more than happy to assist customers which are not local to our workshop. 

Our technicians are able to give advice on what repairs your drum needs via a video call. 

This gives our customers the ability to decide whether the repair is worth going ahead with before sending it to us. 

Marching Supplies

Here at the Drum Centre we can supply you with any marching accessories you require. 


Our range of stock includes:


- Sticks

- Gloves

- Leg Guards

- Maces

- Drag Ropes

- Snare Drums

- Bass Drums

- Cymbals  

If you're wanting to replace the kit for the whole section then get in touch with. 

Premier Marching Products


Istanbul Marching Cymbals


Pearl Marching & Concert Products


Are you looking for British Custom made High Quality Innovated and developed marching drums? 

Then get in touch with our friends at SP Marching Percussion

SP Imperial drum.jpg

Here at the Drum Centre we do not just supply marching supplies. We are able to supply some of the top brands in percussion. 

If you require something from the brands below please get in touch as we would only be too pleased to support you. 

We can supply to any type of customer whether you're a drummer for a small rock n roll band, looking to upgrade your orchestra percussion section or a shop looking for a new supplier. 

Our technicians can be on hand to give you our advice. 

So why not get in touch with our technicians to find out what we can do for you. 

Breeze Events can provide you with all the equipment you need for your festival, touring show or artist requirements.
From stools to orchestral percussion, drum kits and marching kit to glockenspiels.

Our range of percussion equipment can be hired for orchestral work or event theatre pit's. Our percussionists can be on hand to help set-up and dismantle percussion as required, as well as assist with change-overs for competitions.

For a full list of percussion equipment available, or a quote for your equipment get in touch with our team.

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