Traffic Management and Signage

The safety of those attending your event is always your number one priority.  Managing the traffic within or around your site can be a tricky and difficult task. 


 We consider the impact on the local community when preparing and carrying out traffic management plans for major events. We take pre-planning very seriously and ensure road closure and advanced warning information is communicated to local residents with sufficient time to minimise disruption. 


Our traffic team can be on hand to help you plan and implement your traffic management plan. 


They are always easy to identify, in their Breeze Events uniforms, and are always available to answer any questions the public may have.


Once your event comes to an end, our staff will manage the exit routes, using their excellent communication and queue management skills to help keep your customers happy at these busy times.


Breeze Events have a large amount of clear onsite signage in stock which is available for your events.


We are, however, able to offer a full bespoke signage service which includes bespoke external signage to help your visitors access the event. 


We provide a detailed plan and get all necessary permissions for the signs from both the local authorities and the Highways Agency.

All our external signs are compliant with current regulations and are installed, maintained and removed by our traffic management team. 


We can offer all 4 different colours of signs as type approved for use on the highway; this, in turn, can help your event stand out.


Our internal event signage provides clear routing for inbound and outbound traffic and this can also include row markers for your customers to identify where they left their car.

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