Our visual experts are able to help and assist you with your visual requirements. 


Our team can be on hand to help you produce the stunning visuals you desire. 



Here at Breeze Events , we're able to supply a wide range of visual equipment, including:


- LED Screens on stands

- LED Truss Mounted Screens

- IP Rated Truss Mounted Video Walls

-Live Streaming

- 15k, 12k, 8k & 6k Projectors




Our team can also live feed the action from the stage on to a large screen in your venue. This allows the wider audience to enjoy the experience. 


With our vision mixers, we're able to mix as many cameras are required to gain the best coverage of your event. 


With delegates and visitors not always able to attend conferences and events, many organisers have now taken the option of live streaming their events, so everyone can be involved. 

Breeze Events are pleased to be able to offer this service for event organisers. 

Live streaming can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be. 

Contact our team for more help and advice on all aspects of your visual requirements. 


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Event Filming and Live Streaming

In conjunction with our audio recording service, we can also supply a full video recording and live streaming service to our clients. 


With our filming and live stream service, this allows a wider audience interaction for your event, whether this is on the same day or at some point in the future.


Filming your event means you are able to produce a souvenir DVD which you can sell to visitors, thereby increasing your event revenue.

Our event filming package comes complete with a filming, editing and mastering service, so you do not have to worry about anything. 


With our live streaming service, we're able to offer a single camera or multi-camera feeds. 

Our live streaming service comes complete with camera operators, sound engineer and video technician to provide a full and professional service. 

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Breeze Memorial Service

Working along side our sister company Breeze Memorial Service we can provide a wide range of Funeral and Memorial Service products. 

Click the logo to find out more details and see the wide range of services we can provide. 

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