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Breeze Events are able to cater for all your lighting requirements. 


Our team can supply anything including - 


- Stage Lighting

- Effect Lighting

- Site Lighting

These can be used to create great lighting displays whether indoors or outdoors. 

 Our packages come complete with - 

  - Cabling (both mains and signal)

- Controlling Hardware

- Securing Options

- Lighting Operator

Our lighting team are on hand to help you with all your lighting requests, so get in touch now.  


Breeze Events are able to offer a full lighting install and sales service. 


We're able to supply replacements, or even install a brand new lighting system in your venue. 

Whether it's a place of worship, theatre, community centre or even a sports centre, we can help you. 


Our team will talk you through every step, ensuring you have everything you need to make the lighting system work within your venue. 

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