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Event Safety & Support

Event safety is an extremely high priority for us at Breeze Events. Part of our event safety services we can provide the following infrastructure to help you deal with your event safety. 

- Event Control Staff and Equipment

- Response Vehicles 

- Event Stewards 

- On-Site Traffic Management

- Safety Officers 

- Fire Wardens

- Food and Hygiene Officers 

- Land and Water Safety Teams


Having experience staff to manage and run your event control enables your event to run smoothly. 

Our experience event controllers and loggers are all exsisting or veteran emergency service, emergency support team personnel. 

All members have the experience to calmly and professionally manage any incident or scenario your event throws at us. 

Our controllers have undertaken JESIP awareness and advance training to be able to support all bluelight emergency services at any event. 

Our event control packages can be tailored and designed to suit your individual event requirements. 

Our package includes:

- Trained Event Control Staff

- Detailed Event Logs

- Event Control Equipment

(including power, radio comms and shelter)

- Control Signage

- Hi-Vis Vests For All Event Staff


If you would like any more information regarding the event control package then get in touch with our team. 

SAG Meetings

Safety Advisory Group (SAG) meetings are a necessary exercise for most event managers and can be a daunting and intimidating environment with a number of safety professionals present to ask various specialist questions about your events plans.


Working with Breeze Events can ensure you attend these meetings prepared with a robust plan with which you can assure the Emergency Services and Local Authorities will work when implemented.

Alternatively, following sufficient briefing and discussion on your event plans, an experienced Breeze Events representative would be happy to support you through the process and give confidence to the SAG group that the event is in safe hands.

Event Management Plan

Event Management plans form the basis of how your event will run, the considerations for Health and Safety you will take and what measures you will implement to ensure your event runs smoothly. If you have an initial concept for an event, but no prior experience of constructing an Event Management Plan, Breeze Events can help.


With many years of experience across a wide range of events, we can compile comprehensive plans to suit your event and venue to ensure it continues smoothly through planning and on to implementation.

Our templates and examples have all been used and passed by various Safety Advisory Groups.

First Aid Kits and Fire Extinguishers now available to hire for your event.

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